Open Office

Were I to sum up the total experience of my daily work environment in one word/phrase, I’d have to say open office. As in no cubicles, no walls, no sound proofing and no barriers whatsoever against any and all who feel like camping out for a while or reading my computer screen. This sucks but would overall be manageable over time if it werent for one teensy little detail. My bosses, (of which there are 5), made and continue to make the brilliant decision that instead of direct lines, our office should use a paging system, circa 1976. Every single phone call that comes into the office is announced, usually twice. And considering theres a Bob and a Rob, and Anna and and Annie, a Carl and a Charles and a Kim and a Ken, you can imagine the joy this spreads.

And sadly, I did not change the names of my coworkers to protect the innocent, as none of us can be all that innocent if we work here, and Im still holding out the hope of getting fired. If fired, I get severance and/or unemployment, which is so much better than quitting.

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