Ice Cream Shops Suck

Ice Cream Shops Suck

Don’t know if all of them do but the one I work at does. Thats for sure. I cant imagine it is much different at other companies like this. I don’t even know where to start.

The pay is crap of course. The newest assistant manager, manager and owners are all assholes. The owners are always there looking over you shoulder. Nobody stays there for more than a couple months so the schedules are fucked up all the time and theres not enough people to deal with the customers. And let me tell you people love this ice cream. they line up outside for it. Even when its 30 degrees out. What the hell?

So I stand all day. I stand still. My knees start hurting by the end of the day. i have to ask every single asshole that walks in if they have been here before and know how to order. and of course none of them have been here before cause if they had they woudnt be back. Then if one of them leaves a tip in the jar I have to grab a bell and ring it. And you know what fuckers leave a quarter in there just to see me make an ass of myself. i split this quarter 3 ways at the end of the day.

only way i deal with it is knowing im outta here in 2 months. Sayonara for good. I fell sorry for anyone else who gets this job.

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