Typical Office Job

I hate my job so much!!!!!! It’s so freakin’ boring and it doesn’t even
challenge me! I am always done with all my workload months before anyone
else finishes and I sit here trying to slow down so that I will have work
to do other days but it just makes me even more bored. I can even go and
help others with their workload or try and take initiative and do other
work because people get mad that you are taking away their workload and
also I have gotten in trouble for doing too much work and taking the
initiative to do things. Stupid how things work around here. I have been
on jobs where if you finish your work early and take initiative to do
something else that is cinsidered good. Not here….they want you to stick
to the same routine duties and not do anything else. They are running this
office like its an assembly line. Nothing interesting or fun about
Residential appraisal for tax purposes. Life in this office is
reptitive….nothing new or exciting happens. Its the same thing everyday.
I want to get out of here so much but why is it that no one is calling me
for an interview? I have a 4 year degree, tons of computer experience in
networks, website/graphic designs, proficient in several
programs/software. There is always someone out there with more work
experience. Then why do they stress…you have to get a high
education???.blah blah blah. I see other people with no education and
years of work experience and they get tons of job offers. Now I’m suck in
this dumb job until I can find some other place to hire me. I am sick of
the work environment here. We each have a cubicle but whats the point when
the walls are clear glass and your neighbors and people who pass by can see
you and everything you are doing. You can’t even go online because
everything is BLOCKED by websense. People here are so freakin’ nosy,
everyone is undercover and a kiss ass, and everyone is so happy joy joy
like everything is dandy. I can’t stand these fake people.

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