My boss is an asshole

My boss is an asshole

I’ve been working in my company for almost 3 years and I honestly don’t know what crawled up my boss’ ass this year. He turned into a complete asshole.

His communication skills have been reduced to yelling at me at every chance he got. He has been a complete nightmare to work with. He is a micromanaging, resentful, disrespectful bully. He keeps on bringing up trivial mistakes that he does not let go of at every chance he has. He is rude, inconsiderate, low-class, filthy, spiteful, always thinks he’s right when he’s not, pretends to know everything, selfish, narcissist, inefficient, bad manager, liar, arrogant, uncivilized…the list goes on and on.

Due to the current pandemic and working from home, I filled papers and papers with how much I hate him, wishing he would drop dead and hung them near my desk at home. This seems to be the only way I could cope with this asshole.

I truly hate him. He is a racist asshole who thinks he is better than everyone else. He makes fun of people we work with behind their backs. He spreads rumors and lies. I have never hated anyone as much as I hate this low-class narcissistic racist asshole.
I think about quitting my job a thousand times a day and one day…however, my job pays me really well but not enough to deal with this bully.

I am applying to different jobs, and the minute I get an offer, even if it is less than what I currently make, I will leave the hell I’m in.

I already have a very long farewell email addressed to the asshole and can’t wait to send it on my last day.
That bastard has made my life a living hell. I truly hate the person I have become because of him.
I hope he would just drop dead….he would be making this world a favor.