1984 Cyborg

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Wanna be a Cyborg?

From the “Creepy as Hell” department, we have a Wisconsin based company offering their employees free RFID chip hand implants to assist them with day-to-day activities like being stalked by your employer opening doors, making copies and logging in to their computers.

While their intentions are probably well and good, I’m thinking most of us can’t help but feel a little freaked out. Unless you’ve always wanted to be a cyborg, which I totally respect.

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25 Stupid Reasons to Get Fired

Pretty self-explanatory. Everything from excessive flatulence to quoting Seinfeld. Tip: you don’t have to go to page two – just keep scrolling.

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Adventures in Douchebaggery

A five year old girl with a lemonade stand was apparently given a ~$200 fine for her unlicensed business. Not so much a story about work as it is a tale of someone being a giant asshole. But we gotta look out for our fellow entrepreneurs when The Man tries to hold us down.

Story from Wash Post