So sick of these jobs

Where to begin. I’m a temporary assistant to 3 marketing reps and the marketing manager. The manager has made it very clear that this is a long term temporary assignment that will not go permanent. I would need a BA in marketing for that and even then I would need at least 2 to 5 years of experience. I share the position with another temp. She also shares my dislike for the work. It’s tedious, boring, and “bitch work.” Two of the marketing reps are pretentious and treat us like second class citizens because we’re not educated like them. They pass along all the shitty and annoying tasks they don’t have time to do even if it’s something so simple that’ll take them two seconds. I’ve been doing this kind of work for 10+ years now and although i dont have 40 years behind me of shitty jobs, im getting fed up with not being good enough to be given a chance to prove that i can do more. I’ve decided to go back to school and earn a degree doing what i love and something that will make me feel fulfilled in my career. Still, that’ll take time and I’ll be stuck doing these degrading jobs until my time comes to do something better.

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2 thoughts on “So sick of these jobs

  1. Don’t let other people decide your worth. I was working with a so-called ‘marketing manager’ who was clueless but treated others like shit. Marketing wasn’t even my strength, but I researched a strategy and sent it straight to the CEO, undermining the ‘manager’ and it worked in my favour. I now look like I know what I am talking about and the ‘manager’ was sacked. Sadly for others, he is failing upwards, but at least he isn’t at the company anymore. And wouldn’t you know it? The marketing manager position is vacant… Don’t ever say you are not good enough for a space. Go and prove yourself to senior mgmt. There are ways. Good luck.

  2. Hang in there! It’s good to see your taking action to make things better for yourself. May take a while longer but you’ll get to a better Place in your career soon enough.

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