What will you find here?

  • Learn how to become a freelancer and earn some side cash or build a career. We’re starting out with basic guides to freelancing and will eventually cover every aspect of cultivating a better work experience. We have plenty of freelance gig ideas for you to find the right fit.
  • A place to share work rants. Why rant? Because it’s therapeutic and sometimes nice to know that you’re not alone. Even if you love your job, you’ve had experiences with bad bosses, crappy coworkers and stupid situations. Anyone who has worked in customer service (or anywhere really) knows that the customer is frequently not right.

How we feel about work

It’s what makes society operate, but it’s also frustrating to so many people. You’re often in a position that doesn’t suit your talents and needs. You’re simply there to help generate a profit. You don’t feel fulfilled and can’t wait until the next day off. It shouldn’t be that way. Unless you’re a prince (even then you’ll still have to work at McDowell’s), work is mandatory.

Working a job you hate is not mandatory. You have the power to improve you current work situation or find a new one. We’re here to help. If we can’t help, at least we’ll give you a place to rant about it.

What’s your story? If you’re one of the lucky few who built a career you love and want to inspire others, get in touch and we’ll feature your story.

The future of employment

Big businesses aren’t going anywhere, but the jobs they offer are going to change. Don’t become obsolete. Take control of your future and do your own thing or be the baddest employee out there. Are you ready?

What do you want?

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