Uneducated and entitled; part 1

Uneducated and entitled; part 1

I genuinely believe this is the start of something I will be doing frequently. I have repressed all frustration and anger as a result of a job that I can only describe as a fairytale gone bad.

I work at an Embassy in a third world country. I cannot disclose more for fear of being reprimanded.

First things first, it was my dream to become an employee at an Embassy. I always wanted to work with diplomats, since in my mind at least, they were the pillars of class and intellect.

Before the rant, I have to get some positives out of the way. In terms of the salary, this job is right up there. I get paid handsomely, considering the wages the rest of my friends get. The hours are also convenient enough for me to have extra time on my hand. I get 20 days off a year which is also a big positive, with regards to the country I live in. This is where all the positives end. Everything else about this job is abominable.

When I first started working here, I was starstruck. I spent the better part of a year learning the language and when the Embassy called me and said they were interested, I was on cloud nice. I could not believe it. Fast forward about 7 months and the feeling of irritability started to take shape in me. I know this is a place for quick rants so I’ll make this quick.

I am most probably going to need at least 5 more post to truly vent what I have bottled inside me but nevertheless, hear is a taste of what it feels like working in dysfunctional and toxic workplace.

I share an office with my coworker. I never really grasped the idea of hating someone before I met this entity. Note: I refuse to call this creature a human. This reprobate is the walking definition of a bad employee. I mean, we’re talking Guinness Book bad employee.

To make it quick, this piece of garbage come to work almost always 2 hours late, leaves early, works a whopping total of about 20 Minutes a week and constantly lectures me on how I suck at my job. She also thinks she’s my supervisor, due to her clinically apparent superiority-complex issues. I would love to recommend her to my shrink but I do not want the poor guy to deal with her infernal majesty, since she’s well past having a learning curve. She has reached her intellectual apex, which is shockingly low I must admit. It’s her way or the proverbial high way. Mind you, she’s a college dropout who used to work at Burgerking.

She suddenly found herself in an Embassy with a decent office and diplomats floating around; just by virtue of speaking the language of the Embassy, due to her being born in that country. This pest has accused of being lazy, stupid, insubordinate (even though she’s not my supervisor) and of being a nuisance. She arrives and spends a good solid 30 minutes putting on the make up in an attempt to attract some douchebag diplomat. She then jumps around offices drinking coffee and gossiping with coworkers who equally have nothing between their ears.

I have reached a breaking point now and I want to quit. It’s been that way for a year and my body is telling me to quit. I am always tired, I want to be left alone at work. I come, put my earphones on and listen to music until my day ends. I will share with you what I see here on a daily basis next time I post but for now, I must return to my crappy job surrounded by douchebags and assholes.