ok guys i have been working for BP as a C.S.R.(coustmer servis rep) for the last year now ,for those who dont know working for them is a fucking nightmear.
like last week,21/8/08 they put me on a late night shift 2pm till 10pm
with this fucking new guy who doesnt even know how to scan a simple drink, the entire shift was so unco its not funny buy 10pm i got so pissed off that i told the barsted just to go home and i would close up by myself,
when i told my supervisour the next day he said that he would assign a new person to the shift with me……………………………..
that didnt happen so i called the big boss and we had a meating with all the staff and the boss don said he would never put 2 new staff on agen.

three weeks later hey i get another new guy working with me agne
and that pisses me right the fuck off

and to this day i still get all the new guys

thank you

Cole Gunn