Escape the rat race

Work sucks. We should pursue our dreams.

It seems as if we are trapped and sold into slavery. We can not live our lives or chase our dreams because we have to go to work tomorrow. Or we dont have the money right? There is a solution!

I am forty years old and I have had over 100 jobs since the age of 15. They are all pretty much the same. After spinning my wheels for twenty years I finally found a way out of the rat race. I call it work, budget, save, invest and if I can do it you can too! It’s simple but it’s not easy. What you have to do is set budgets and goals. It may take a few years of working two jobs but eventually you can save enough money to own a home and a business.

I have made a few YouTube videos and I wrote a blog in an attempt to guide people toward financial stability and independence.

The blog is called And here is one of my vids. Thanks and good luck!!

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