Manipulative low-minded fuck- brains

Why do you both get to use the air? You spread misery, poison and liquid shit with every breath. The world would be better if you both stopped breathing, but I know that’s too much to ask. Maybe just stop fucking talking. Ok, that’s too much as well. How about you stop talking shit about other people? Surely that’s possible. I have just been on holiday for two weeks and I met and spent time with a lot of people- some friends, some new people. In all that two weeks, I never heard anyone bitch or compare themselves to others. They just lived their lives and talked about the things that interested and concerned them. I learned and shared my knowledge, I felt appreciation and I appreciated. But now, back with you two shit-heads, I feel sick and sickened. You teach nothing and you won’t be taught. You are shit. Just pure, nasty, stinking, vile shit.

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