Uneducated and entitled; part 2

Uneducated and entitled; part 2

I just finished reading my previous post. Apologies for the erroneous use of the English language in some places. I’ll try proof reading this time.

Not much has changed since the last time. I’m still stuck in this devilish cycle of constant mental abuse. I sincerely think those poor bastards of the Russian Sleep Experiment didn’t experience the shit I’ve seen.

For reasons I dare not divulge, my fellow jovial colleagues think the world owes them a living. They want things done without putting in the effort of working on it. They just expect things to be done for them. Scum of the millennial generation by all means. This one colleague has been irking me for a long while now. To be candid, she hasn’t really caused me any harm directly but her whole existence in this classy establishment serves no purpose whatsoever. In fact, when she
seems to show her evil face, almost everybody gets nausea. The moment you lay eyes on this freak of nature, you get the sense of entitlement oozing out of her neatly bottoxed and perfumed appendages. I must confess she does look attractive; for someone who stills hasn’t spoken to her or if someone needs a quick hump n’ dump. She comes and goes to work whenever she feels like it. Goes missing for almost a fortnight and still gets paid the whole month. After consuming a potent mix of nicotine and caffeine in the morning to get her kicks. This ghoul goes around flirting with virtually anyone who can make sure she keeps her job. She just leaves a bad taste in everybody’s mouth the moment she leave the room. I’d love to dub this nymph a cancer but I feel cancer cells will feel hard done-by; I mean even cancer cells can be benign. She is just a fuck-headed, ego maniacal, entitled piece of human garbage. The type of garbage you find in the gutter; discarded, as you walk passed it, without even batting your eyelid at it’s insignificance. A heathen with primordial proclivities. Vermin with an inhumanely advanced level of madonna whore complex.

As for me, I do not think I will be around much longer. At this point, I feel I’d rather be healthier and poorer than bordering on demented and rich. My regular day still involves me listening to music through my noise-canceling headphones, punctuated by brief moments where I need to communicate with one jerk or the other. Talking to these charmers is the worst part of my day. I feel I need to force a conversation with them even though, I don’t really want to be seen around these fiends. If e’er I encounter one of my lovely colleagues on the street or the mall or whatever, I will most definitely change my path or just ignore them as they pass by me. I have zero respect for them.

Whether my posts are read or not, I do not know. I will most probably be posting more since it does seem to offer some form of relief, at least for me; although it feels more like a reprieve.