I apparently can’t handle sweeping

I apparently can’t handle sweeping

I work at McDonald’s, it’s by far one of the worst places to work I’ve had so many dumb issues with them, from them using my break to smoke to having to apologize to costumers because my manager went off yelling at them because she was having a bad day.

Today was no exception and just proves how rude and how unprofessional McDonald’s “crew members” and managers are, I swear we have zero morals when it comes to hiring new people. I was already half an hour late in clocking out and was asked to help my co worker sweep, witch I had no problem with, I get done sweeping and my coworker’s like you suck at sweeping oh my god just stop i’ll do it than after a three minute of her whining session on my sweeping she just goes back and re-sweeps pointing out small little thing’s I missed witch wasn’t actually even a big deal of course my sweeping isn’t perfect but fuck man it’s McDonald’s and I had already before that gone and wiped down tables and swept before that so it’s not like the lobby was terrible.

So i’m like whatever you say, i’ll just watch you sweep since I can’t leave till your done anyway’s and my manager is just looking at me so I just say well she didn’t like my sweeping so she’s re-sweeping and doesn’t want my help, she replies don’t blame her all because your lazy and don’t want to help.

I didn’t even reply I just got up and clocked out and left cause I wasn’t about to be scolded for some dumb shit like that and my manager is the biggest hypocrite like two minutes before I spouse to clocked out she asked me to say longer so she can smoke right after she got back from smoking her like 20th cigarette I swear she goes through a 100 packs a day.

But anyways my rants over never work for a place as shitty as McDoanld’s it may have been a dumb thing to get rant over but this is daily for me putting up with dumb shit like this and getting yelled at I can’t wait to quit.