Diamond Member

Diamond Member

Grrr! Ass hole! This man just came into our hotel, a “diamond

member”, well right before that we had a walk in and he got

room 315, a double queen room. Well, this particular man

wanted a King suite; we only have one king suite, and it is

on the first floor, room 115. I give him the key and I say

“Okay, here’s your room key, it’s on the first floor, down

He interrupts, “No third floor.” Needless to say, I’m a

little taken aback, I didn’t assign the rooms, first of all,

and second of all that’s the only suite available. And this

man starts bitching about how he booked the room two weeks

ago, and I “gave away my goddamn room to him, and he didn’t

have a reservation!” So I told him that that was the only

king suite, so he says, “Give me something else, a queen.”
“Nevermind, you’re too goddamn slow.” what the hell was

that?! I’ve worked here for two months, and no one has ever

been that bitchy to me, slamming their hands and stuff.