Technical Service Rep

Let’s see. If there was ever a job that made you realize how fucking dumb the human race is, it’s customer service of any type. the next time I say press the select button and a customer says “press the power button??” I’m going to fucking rip my phone out of the cubicle and slam it on the fucking ground…. not to mention… when a fucking customer calls me an idiot and says that I don’t know how to do my job only to realize HE didn’t hook up the fucking wires into the equipment right. I say “Sir, can you just check the connections for me one more…”

Interrupted by customer… but I can’t say fuck off or interrupt him back because I’d get counted off for it and that would fuck me over on my paycheck. So he says “i’ve done that 100 times before I called you I’m not doing it again” only to find out that was the problem in the first place. Thanks for wasting an hour of my fucking time you stupid son of a bitch. I’m one more sarcastic comment away from hanging up on this douche bag and risking my job just because he’s so fucking ignorant.

And let me just say…. Are you really going to call me an idiot? You called ME to fix your problem. You don’t know jack shit about anything technical, because if you did you wouldn’t me calling me. So why the fuck are you saying I’m the dumb one when you won’t even let me speak? Not to mention I have your address, name, social security number, credit card information, and a GPS system that is pretty reliable. I’ll put your address in and drive across country to kick your fucking head off. Keep calling me names and cussing at me.

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