Journey to Get Sick

Journey to Get Sick

Tilted, Disgusted, Disturbed. I have felt tilted and sick of this job for ages while working in the office. I thought nothing could get worst. But then, this shit hole has beat me to it.

I’m being made to do something out of my job role. Something that is not even in where I am assigned to. I was moved from the office to work from home to the warehouse. I thought how shit the office is, how I need to keep going back to this shit hole. But now, I’m going to the warehouse.

Being in the warehouse just makes me want to drink bleach.

I hate the smokers there.. in the office and the warehouse, I’m tilted I can’t leave the shit hole and I’m disgusted and disturb that I occasionally glance at naked employees there. As a female employee that’s suppose to be in the office. I am just amazed about the amount of fucks that’s given to the warehouse; NONE.

There’s no fans here so male workers can enjoy striping their shirt off and everyone can enjoy a mask-free environment. Where our tips from the supervisor there is to wear mask only if officials come to check.

I’m praying each day that one person gets positive in the warehouse.