What a Bitch

Being Rudolph sucks

When I was in college I got a job in loss prevention at a major department store. I was working on my degree in Criminology, so it seemed to fit.

So I go to work on my first day and am told I will be cleaning out dressing rooms, I assumed I would be cleaning them out that day only, or that we would all share that responsibility. I was sadly mistaken. I cleaned out dressing rooms ALL day every day for 8 hours.

I do this for 2 months, always on time, always working the shitty schedule (split shifts, 10 hrs or sometimes only 2 hours a day). Then my boss tells me that the day after Thanksgiving I have been signed up to wear the Rudolph costume and walk around the store all day. I was pissed, but agreed to do it to show I was a team player (and I really wanted to do the real loss prevention stuff, like all the OTHER college kids who had the SAME job title I did).

I come in and wear the costume, it was a huge fur suit, a huge furry head, and hooves for my hands and feet. It was also ridiculously hot, and the store was packed with people due to the sale. I do 12 hours in the suit, taking breaks from the heat (and getting yelled at for “sitting on my ass”), then go into the office to get my schedule for next week…and she says “Oh you’re not on the schedule anymore..we no longer require your services” and then laughs. What a bitch! She made me do this all day knowing she was going to “let me go”. UGH BITCH!

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