911 Dispatcher

911 Dispatcher

You think your job is bad?   Try  working at a 911 call center.
We dispatch police and fire — ostensibly to help people..  but the place is a SNAKE PIT.  We are the ones that need help.

Management is a bunch of IDIOTS.  They cater to the new people – AWOL?  its okay.. you needed the weekend off.  Don’t show up or call? Its okay,  you can come in to work  7 hours LATE… but its alright.

Probably because the new people will reflect on their (mis)management ability.  Our turnover rate is 82% YES 82%!   They hire people that can’t READ A MAP!  WTF?!?!  My 8 year old can read a map!
They  give them weekends off, even though we are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and of course are open on holidays.  Thats just top management.
The supervisors — well, they must have weekends off!  And don’t even bother asking for a day off!  Sorry., staffing issues.   There was no staffing issue last week when the supervisor took the SAME DAY OF THE WEEK OFF!   WTF!?!?

Of course we know their little game … get rid of the seniors that know all their (mnagements) dirty little secrets and have hteir minions kissing their ass.

 Rant over… for now 🙂