Money Isn’t Everything

Money Isn’t Everything

I have a pretty good paying job. I make well above the average salary for where I live (Almost double the average)…. BUT

Who cares about $ when you absolutely hate your job. Money really isn’t everything!

I am so unhappy everyday when I come to work. The people here suck. I am sure on a one-on-one basis they are genuinely good people, but it is all the office politics I cannot stand to be a part of. Everyday people are talking behind peoples backs, people trying at all costs to climb the corporate ladder, for what? More money? A better job? It’s all just the same. You will have more $ or power, but you will still have to deal with the same office, the same people, the same company. Blah.

I know I should be more than happy for a very secure job and plenty of money, but it is all for nothing, if you aren’t happy about your job environment, and get no satisfaction from daily work.