A Bland Existence Indeed

A Bland Existence Indeed

I work for at the corporate headquarters for the world’s largest eyecare company.  And it is a bland existence, indeed.  I have an idea that there is creativity spewing from some corner of the building…but not from where I sit.  I am in customer relations…at least that is the nice way of saying that I deal with complaints.

Now I realize that the reaction is probably different for every unique individual.  But for me…This job is an ulcer in a can.  Bad hours…poor relief.  I go in during morning rush hour.  I leave during afternoon rush hour.  And then, for nine hours, I listen to and document people’s, for lack of a more pertinent word, “bitchings.”

And do not get me wrong…I agreed to this job voluntarily.  I am not placing blame.  Just expressing my gross disgust for this job.  Anyway…I am applying for a transfer.  Just so those of you that read this don’t hate me for my bitterness.  I am trying to remedy this problem.

Even so……………….

If I do get out of this position, there is still an infinite number of people stuck there, globally.  And some may like it.  But for all those people working in a job that makes them feel sick…just don’t bother.  There is always a job that you can handle (although it may not be your ultimate goal).  Keep striving towards your dreams, and take as little grief as possible along the way.