Computer Roaches

Computer Roaches

I work in tech support; mostly on the hardware end of things. A customer
brought their desktop for me to look at and I noticed that it was less
than ideally clean. But whatever — that’s par for the course when you
have the job that I have. So I’m sitting there listening intently to what
the customer has to say until all of a sudden, 3 large roaches coming
crawling out of the vents on the back of the computer.

Yes, you heard me.


Now folks, I have worked in this industry for a number of years, and have
seen all sorts of things in people’s units, whatever. But living roaches
were a first for me. And it wasn’t even the roaches that got to me so
much as actually seeing them come crawling out of a computer. THIS SHOULD

I slowly backed away from the computer and said to the customer “Excuse
me, I’ll be right back.” and ran to the back to see if I could find
anything I could kill them with. Once I returned, I found a manager
making an attempt to kill the roaches. I then informed the customer that
we would no longer be able to continue to provide him with service for the
computer at this time.

You may be wondering what the customer said and what his reaction was.
Oh, he was absolutely cool about it, and by cool I mean, he stood there
looking at me like I had a third head or something. His attitude was
something akin to this: “Roaches crawling out of my CPU? By golly gee
whiz, that’ll happen!” He just stood there watching the roaches crawl

An actual quote: “Now that fact that you don’t have [redacted name of
company] in [redacted name of state]? That’s something to get upset over.
Not roaches!” You [insert expletive here that making an implication about
the customer’s relationship with his mother].

Right. Someone please pull up my job description, please. I think I
missed the roaches bit.