I’m Done Being Nice

You know, I try to be the nice guy at my work. I never yell at the staff, if someone struggles I try to help them, and if someone is confused I try to calmly explain things. I want to be the guy that people feel comfortable asking for help when they are confused or struggling with something. Well I’m fucking done. These past few days were an absolute pounding, and not once did I yell at or insult one of our staff. I guess a few of them still feel like they can treat me like crap because that’s what happened. Well, fuck them. I’ve been putting up with this disaster called a workplace for way too long. I was miserable in the beginning and I am both pissed and miserable now. This was the final push I needed to leave this train-wreck behind, and I can’t wait to see their faces when I tell them that I’m leaving. I work my ass off for you and you want to treat me like shit? Well good luck without me bitches!

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