Junior Supervisor Witch

Hate this job so much

Insubordinate, Disorganized, Chatty, Lazy, Witch gets the junior supervisor position because when she was hired, she was willing to take more hours than other workers in department could do at the time.

I and others have earned the respect of our supervisor by completing assigned projects in a timely manner, being easy to work with, flexible when covering for the previously mentioned IDCLW because she has one kid home with “the sniffles” and a second child likely to catch them…

When it comes time for a promotion, Operations Manager, (who has never worked with any of us) decides that since IDCLW has more available hours to work with, that she should become Assistant Supervisor (with a pay grade increase, resulting in more money for less work) and the ability to scrutinize time sheets of all department employees+decide ultimately when we can and can not take vacation time, what projects we can work on and WHEN we can work on them (which we were all managing just fine without an ASS. Supervisor, thank you very much!)

Projects assigned, such as keeping records, micromanaging our work time, and oh yeah, keeping stats on these items (about which she is clueless~no idea how to even design a spreadsheet, let alone make one that effectively tracks stats) and is allowed to work on this project producing no result for several months….at which time the direct supervisor designs her own spreadsheet to track data…

Job description also includes tracking of and ordering department supplies (other people are delegated to do this, because she has not made any effort to do so)…and they keep her…and pay her more than anyone else…because she has the hours to do the job she is NOT doing…Where else but corporate America? And we wonder why our economy is in the toilet…wake up, people…get rid of these none producers…let those of us who are willing and able to produce, do the jobs and we will have plenty of time to get everything done…and have time to plan for what is coming up, too…sigh

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