My Job Sucks! A Collection of Rants About Work

Do you find yourself saying "I really hate my job"? You could say your job sucks, perhaps? Can't take it anymore? Maybe your coworkers are so ridiculous it's funny? Bring it on! Read rants from frustrated workers and the official worldwide union of job haters. Whether you had a bad day or every day is a bad day, we'd like to hear about it. You won't even be charged for this career therapy session. What's your story?

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One more reason no one wants teach

I have a chronic illness, I’ve had it my whole life. I do everything I can to stay healthy, but my life happens. I also work as a teacher — which means I get all the new and shiny bacteria and viruses. Now, my principal is on my case for taking sick days. I came to work sick for this bitch! I coughed and hacked in mask so she wouldn’t be “inconvenienced.” Then I lose my voice, can’t teach if

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Get nothing in return

My boss is an ass. I barely even see her but when I do she puts on an attitude. Like if you’re not gonna fucking pay me why demand from us with that godforsaken attitude??? Why the hell should I even work hard if I get nothing in return at all? Why should I care about your place’s profit if you do not give a shit to your people. Like y’all want me to be productive but your workplace sucks

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Knee deep in Sheets – laundry attendant

What a job! Sexism and harassment from male coworkers. Complained and coworker was given a “slap on the wrist”. Piles of dirty linen. Piles of dirty – sometimes pee stained & bloody linen– up to your knees. Housekeepers sometimes throw trash in the chute too – found slimy condoms and used tampons as i was sorting! Work is a fucking hamster wheel. Spend hours sorting washing and drying and all if the linen gets used up in a few minutes.

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DSW in Arlington SUCKS!!!!

DSW allows the same thieves to steal shoes from the store repeatedly and does nothing to prevent it. They refuse employees’ begging them to send loss prevention agents to the store. DSW does NOTHING to prevent theft. The same thieves come every day and steal multiple pairs of shoes. To hell with DSW. The district manager is useless. The manager is useless and does nothing except sit in the office then leaves early every day. I hate my bullshit Job.

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I hate it here

I am a new intern and it’s hybrid mode (people can come to office on some days and on some days they can WFH). So when I was hired it was discussed that I would come to office 3 days a week. But as days passed I came to know everyone just comes to the office 2 days a week. So I started doing that. We had a meeting on Friday (when I was WFH) and I missed it because

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I hate my life

My boss sucks. She waits until the last minute and just dump shit on me. I have to smile and bear it. Pretend that she isn’t a cunt. I’m not feeling well and I ask my coworker to do the schedule. She agrees but my cunt boss still makes me do it. Event though, I don’t give no shits today. Fuck her. Damn I miss my previous boss. But back to being a puppet and slap on my smiley face

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As the crane turns

Construction is more of a soap opera than work.

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I got pulled into the office yesterday. Its really cold in the office so I usually have a throw (most people do here) around my legs. I did yesterday but I kept my jacket on. My boss told me I look as if Im at home and I should sit up and put the blanket up. I dont slouch. I also dont have a work performance issue. But here I am today cold af and irritated without my throw 🙁

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Feeling used

I got this office job about 4 years ago. Things started out great. I was given the opportunity by the company to become an engineer (wont say what field) which I took with both hands. I worked in the office while studying on block release for 2 and a half years. During the engineering course my workload in the office became crazy, I struggled doing work and study. The atmosphere in the office went from friendly, to extremely toxic. The

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Criminal Cabal

I work for a criminal cabal. It is a State agency. Nepotism. Fraud. Threatening people who question unethical and illegal practices. No other jobs available. This sucks. Too close to retirement to quit and too damn old.

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The Story Behind the Rants

Years ago, I was bitter and hated going in to work every day. My friends hated their jobs, too, and we'd often tell our horror stories. It felt good to vent. One of us came up with the idea to make a website where everyone can share their anonymous job tales.

We found this epic website name and we threw a site together. It was clunky and ugly and awful to maintain, but it got the job done and we had a lot of fun hearing from frustrated employees worldwide. We even started to appreciate our jobs (a little) more. At one point, we ran out of time and motivation and the site was abandoned and offline for many years.

Recently, I decided to resurrect the beast, but with a different focus this time. I got a little tired of complaining and commiserating and decided to see what I could do to help people in crappy job situations, thus the new freelancing advice section was born. But the foundation and soul of Work Sucks is the rants, and they are back in all their glory. Enjoy.

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