Squeaky Wheel Gets the Grease

You know, I get that they were going to leave if you didn’t promote them. But, after months of telling me that I’m the best performer on the team — if not in the whole company… I wasn’t promoted.

After being told that I had to pass an exam, which I promptly did — and they did not… I wasn’t promoted.

You could have at least given me a head’s up. Instead you looked into my face and told me how much you hated that you couldn’t give me a bunch of money. Well, it kind of seems like you could have. You chose them over me.

I don’t know. The customers are being difficult. I see all of my coworkers get easy work while I get a lot of difficult crap. I have to work all hours just to keep up. It kind of seems like I’m the go too guy on the team. And yet, here I am dealing with a corporate environment where management’s actions don’t align with their words.

I’m being bitter and stupid. Maybe this place just isn’t for me. Although, heck, if nothing else, maybe I’ll finally get that promotion if I try to leave.