Dad Needs To Chill

I’m an assistant teacher at a daycare working in the infant room. Yesterday I got home and received a call from my director telling me one of the moms complained that her kid’s last bottle wasn’t in her bottle bag. She asked me if I knew where it was.

I’m off the clock, I’m finally home, and I just want to relax and not think about work. I told her that it must have been put in someone else’s bottle bag by mistake and that I would ask the other parents tomorrow.

The next morning one of the other moms brought back the bottle that had been misplaced. Great! Problem solved!

Getting towards closing time and the mom that complained came to pick up her kid. I told her that we found the missing bottle. She said her husband got even more pissed off than he was yesterday when he found out one of the bottles went missing and I quote, “How do you misplace a bottle and send it home with someone else’s bag when her bottles have her name on it?!”

I was stunned! In my mind, I thought “Bitch you try working here and if you think mistakes don’t happen, and that this job is easy, you are more than welcome to take my position!

“You only have one child, try having eight babies for eight hours and having milk bottles that look similar to everyone else’s! Losing a bottle is not that serious!”

But professionally I had to tell her when I have eight babies and I have bottles that look similar to each other these mistakes happen. It’s never my intention to mix belongings up.

Like dude, I’m sure you’ve made mistakes at your job. And don’t be saying it like my job is easy, bitch. And if you have a problem with something as small as that then you need a fucking nanny.