Casino Job

Casino Job


So, I work in the “entertainment” industry. By “entertainment”, I mean a casino.

My job is simple. After all of you have had an incredibly wretched day/week/month/life, you come to the local casino for a bit of “fun”.

By “fun”, I mean trying to beat games and machines specifically designed to take your money.

After several minutes/hours/days, you have lost more money than you can afford, as your disgusting job pays you a miserable wage.

You then proceed to beg me to give you a blackjack/number/20-minute-roll/straight-flush, so that you can get back to even, like I have any fucking control whatsoever over what the fucking cards/dice/ball decide to do.

Even, if by some miracle of the casino gods, you do manage to get even, or win, do you think that you will actually leave? Nope. Instead, you will continue to chase the even bigger win, against a game designed to make you lose.

So, at the end of the day, my job consists of making your shitty day/week/month/life even shittier, and getting to hear about it, endlessly.

And, tomorrow, I have to do it all over again. (And some of you won’t have left, so by now, you have a stench.)