You Are a Manager

You Are a Manager

Dedication to asshole managers

The company lets you behave
the way you want
you get to make up the rules
as you go along
you get to be a bully in your job
you are a manager

you give your subordinates
the silent freeze
you spit your words as nasty
as you please
head office lets you act
with impunity
you are a manager

we have a union but
they dont care
as long as we toil
to pay their share
the regulations don’t have to
be fair
you are a manager

we are the working engine
and you the caboose
and the company will never cut you loose
every morning ten times I press
the snooze
you are a manager

you get to be the cause
of tension
the higher ups don’t care about
our diss ention
you’re gonna recieve a
royal pension
you are a manager

you’ve got your degree
a licence to be rude
sometimes your behavoir
is downright crude
our suffering and misery
is your food
you are a manager

I dread going into work most days
I like my job
but I dislike your hate
how did it all end up this way?
you are a manager

if you ask me if it is a good place
to work
I’ll say those who run this place are
mostly jerks
being rude it is a perk
you are a manager

you desire so badly to be respected
but the simple niceties they are neglected
this is why you are rejected
you are a manager

If I walk in and say
hello and good morning
you snap your words and look for something
to be scorning
the air is fresh and the rain is pouring
you are a manager

you get to discipline
for the most trivial things
you get to ignore the phone
when it rings and rings and rings
it does not matter what an employee thinks
you are a manager

you offer condemnation instead of praise
and you get a bonus and a raise
it is hard to work with you everyday
you ar a manager

you have the power not to
let me in the door
you get to verbally fuck me
like I am your whore
it is rent and bills that I am doing this for
you are a manager

you scream and rant and pound and rage
your goal is to humiliate
does karma ever make you pay?
you are a manager

I’ll take a quick moment
to meditate
got to keep the good energy flowing
got to keep out that hate
there is a reason you are in my fate
you are a manager

I’ve got to be strong enough
not to quit
got to stay here for a while
and breathe in dust and shit
the budha says don’t accept that
you are a manager