Why are You Paid so Much

Why are You Paid so Much

Why are you paid so much? I really don’t understand how you

can horde money as if you can take it with you while your

employees are starving, desperate, and struggling to survive.

You are a sick and demented man. You think you’re so

wonderful because you give so much money to charity but you

are an evil, selfish bastard and everyone who knows you has

no doubt about that. You dare to live in a mansion with your

wife while employees with children can only afford an

apartment because you are such a tight ass. Please do us all

a favor and drop dead of a heart attack or get arrested or DO

SOMETHING for one day of your godforsaken life!

And why do you think that if you don’t know where your

friends are and where they’ve moved onto that I would know?

You give me a name and tell me to find a guy but guess what?

There are 20 million people in this country with the name

Jose Torres and I don’t know any more about any of them than

you do. You weren’t born with the common sense that God gave

a goose.