TPS Reports

TPS Reports

I was drafted from the squadron I wanted in order to fill

the needs of the one I am now at. Since my arrival I have

been stuck on night crew in Quality Assurance doing

paperwork. This squadron cares nothing about maintaining

aircraft but cares about “TPS Reports”. I constantly have some

class to attend and if I don’t attend I get threatened with

charges. But, someone screws up with a $55,000 part or with

maintenance that could kill someone-no one cares. I believe

everyone cares only about there rank and not pissing anyone

off above them. They all can route up forms but they cannot

troubleshoot grips to save their lives.

I was recently sent out to WTI two weeks advance of main

body. We worked 12 on 12 off, seven days a week. I did this

for two months. I was held on rear party because they knew I

could fix the aircraft if it broke. Well, it did. I flew back

on that aircraft only to have to come in a day and 1/2 later

to start working nights again(which is now 12 hour days). I

was the only person at work that was at WTI, everyone else

was off. Also, during WTI myself and another one of my peers

did majority of the work with no thanks. From November to

March I only saw my kids on the weekends because I sleep

during the day. I then did not see them at all for two months

(WTI). I returned home to my truck having: leaking

transmission, bad battery, broke water pump pulley and an

altenator voltage problem. Well, now I have to spend all my

time at home working on my truck so I can go to work. I asked

for leave but was told no “they need me here”…..should of

said the truth “we need you to be a bitch so we can take

credit for your work, not reward you and screw you over in

the end!”