What a Vicious Circle

What a Vicious Circle

I work for a family owned building supply company where the

President and Vice-President are brothers. I was interviewed

for and offered the posistion from the President. Outlined

in the responsiblities, in order of importance are as

1- Assist the Vice-President who is the main outside sales

representative. (75%)
2- Get out into the field to meet new prospects and grow

business (15%)
3- Handle over-flow on the phones when I’m in the office.(5%)
Apparently none of the above was discussed with the V-P!!!!

Here is how the hours were explained to me:

M-F 8am – 5-5:30ish (store hrs are 8-5:30)
Saturday “If you have blueprints to do, Saturday is a good

day to catch up and do them….occasional Saturdays if

someone will be out”…..Fair enough.

Here is what has transpired within 2 months of working: Told

by the V-P that he didn’t need an assistant, Saturdays are a

day of work and need to be here every Saturday. Four hours

of each day are wasted covering for the other 3 when each is

at lunch (1 hr myself, and need to have the cell on at all

times during my lunch)……2 weeks later the VP says he

“cannot do it all and thats why I am here”, however, he gives

me all of his work (I am his assistant!) then tells me later

in the day that I can not stay in the office and that I need

to be out meeting new prospects. What a vicious circle!!!