A few years ago I recruited a colleague to our company — What A Mistake.

Turns out she is off scale on the competitiveness index and views me as a competitor… She has bad mouthed me all around the company. She ran a meeting with our junior employees and used it as an excuse to dig up dirt on me and another colleague.

I though we were rid of her last year but her blow hard husband (yeah there are 2 of them) is a dead weight and the other company didn’t offer him a position.

My company was so happy to have her stay that they made her a VP! Now she has even more power to dump on anyone and everyone.

My boss is so afraid of her that he gave one of my projects to her husband! Sheesh. My boss even admitted to me what he’d done as he lamented that a year after he gave the project to the blow hard nothing had happened. The BH is still in my dept and acts like he runs the place. His wife’s power has gone to his head.

HELP! I need out of this sick place.