New York City

New York City

Hey guys just wanted to comment on some horrible jobs i have

had and that New York City has got to be one of the worst

places in the world to work. Let me not underestimate the

arrogance, the nastiness, and the just plain old disgusting

attitudes of the people in this city and even more of the

people i have had to deal with at work. back in 2003 i had a

job (i was 24) as a “reference verifier” whatever that means,

in which i of course worked very hard. it is in my nature to

be a hard worker. but in new york city, hard workers get

shitted on left and right. i would be blamed for the

shortcomings of others and when attempting to explain myself

in a logical manner (as in “that wasn’t my job, it was so and

so’s”), i would still get blamed. this godamned bitch of a

boss who was a f—— moron at anything she did but be an

arrogant old witch, always blamed me and crapped on me.

finally, the last week i was there they sent me out to do the

mail boy’s work. get this, i was the only hispanic guy there

among white boys and one black guy, and the mail boy was—

you guessed it! a hispanic guy! so ooo what a coincidence

that they would send the only hispanic guy (who at the time

had a college degree and is US born and bred), to do the crap

work, and they won’t pick on the black guy cuz they’re afraid

he’ll cry “Racist!” so needless to say at about 11 am on my

first day as a mail boy in 100 degree weather (i was slated

to do this for a week WITHOUT being asked if i wanted to), i

told my direct supervisor, a nice lady, that i had had enough

and was leaving, and i quit! she BEGGED me to stay because i

was one of the hardest workers there, but i didn’t. Anna

Verdeflor if you are reading this now you know who i am, and

thank you for your kindness. Penny Steinitz you f—– bitch

you can go to hell…(she was the bitch) and anyone who can

boycott Sterling Testing Systems do so, as they are a

horrible racist company…..
then, let me tell you about my other job as a research lab

coordinator, the one at a hospital here in new york. was

hired by a doctor who thinks he’s god and worked for a PhD

who was a total bitch who never smiled and blamed me for

everything. extremely unfriendly people (surprise it’s new

york???) the job payed well, so i won’t name names but it was

hell and i’m glad i’m not there anymore….
then there was my retail job, the last one i had….started

out marvelous, had a great store manager, but then a new one

came in in 2007 and messed things up. the store is currently

going broke and going under and they have the laziest

managers and rudest office employees.
anyways, don’t worry about me folks, i am in accounting

school now and will soon graduate and hopefully get a good

job at one of the big four auditing firms! my point: don’t

work too hard, kiss ass, and be a nasty ass son of a bitch

and you’ll get promoted here in new york city….otherwise

work hard and get crapped on…..if you want to talk, here is

my e-mail: [email protected]