I Owe I Owe

I Owe I Owe

i owe / in tune of hi ho/

i owe i owe its off to work i go
i pay the bills and have no thrils
i owe i owe.
my check is gone it realy blows
thought i hit the lottery
but dammit it was a dream

i owe i iowe i owe.
its true as can be
deeper in debt and
stuck working i owe i owe
and its a fact bill collecters
hounding my ass i  owe i owe
i owe i  owe.
and thats it rertiment at old age

forget it. i owe i owe.
and doing this untill i drop dead
of a heartatack i owe i iowe
the bill collecters still wont
fucking leave me alone i owe i owe

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