Lawyers are dumb as hell

I work at a law office so you’d assume a prerequisite to that would first be to know how to fucking read, but apparently about 4 out of 4 of the attorneys here just simply cannot do that. They ask me to read shit that is CLEARLY on their calendar and it answers every little dumbass question they could possibly have but still ask me…like why the fuck am I doing this in detail if you’re just gonna ask me dumb fucking questions anyway? I also can’t STAND that they won’t let me just answer the phone without inserting themselves into it. Like bro, if it was for you, I’d say so you stupid medieval meathead cunt wad. Or ya know, answer the phone yourself dumb fuck? Also making me look like a blithering fucking moron is their favorite, like not calling a client because they feel like taking care of personal business instead of I don’t know…doing their fucking job?

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