Office Bitch

There is usually at least one of these in each office and I am lucky
enough to possess the title. And when I mean office bitch I am talking
about the person who does everyone’s bitch work….not “the bitch” in the
office. Why can’t people stuff and mail their own personal crap. Its
like they move up on the ladder and forget what a frickin’ post office or
mail box is for. “Oh, can you scan this for me….because I’m toooo important to understand how to actually use a scanner”. Just because you don’t fu*kin’ want to do your own crap work doesn’t mean that I want to. And why is it because you are somewhat attractive and blonde that everyone
underestimates your capabilities. Its unbelievable!
How do you get your actual work noticed! I don’t even think my boss knows
what I accomplish in a day. Its pure crap that he doesn’t notice- and I
still haven’t told him to notice!!! AHHHHHHH!
Okay, I think I’m done…..oh, and I need more money! The stupid bia who
does the same thing in the office has already gotten a huge raise and here
I am accomplishing more and I haven’t seen the light of day for a raise! GRRRRR! Okay, I’m out!

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