Bad Employee Morale

I work for a pretty good company but there are some aspects that are just so bad for employee morale and make several of us hate our job. In my department, there are 3 separate teams. Each team has a team leader and team coach. Their jobs are to just sit there and make sure all the regular employees are doing what they’re supposed to be doing. That’s literally all they do, plus team leaders are always off in some meeting, every week for what I would assume is pointless because the routine has been the same constantly. In addition to that, my team leader is never even there. We are nearly 8 months into this year and I would say for about 4 months of this year, she has been gone. She was gone for all of January and February and then about every other week she would be absent. What’s the point of a team leader if she is never even there? My team has to rely on other team leaders to get anything done because our team coach does not have access to everything a team leader does. Another thing is that we apparently have “team money” but our team never sees that money. The other teams in my department have contests and win prizes. My team? Nothing but work. My team leader talks about doing contests but she’s all talk. We have had one small contest this year that was based on attendance. This contest also pissed me off. She had a few items all set out and called people one by one to select a prize. She went in order by who had the best attendance. To me, I thought “okay, sounds fair.” However, she let the people who always show up late pick prizes first. So in other words, those who always show up late got the best prizes. They were there everyday but they were always late so that made no sense to me. There are a few of us who are always there about 10 minutes early but we were the last to go up for prizes. I am aware that we do not have to be awarded for doing our jobs but being surrounded by teams who are constantly playing games and doing something fun just makes me think it’s a little unfair that we do so much work while other teams have fun and get awarded for it. It’s just bad employee morale with my team. A majority of my teammates dislike our team leader because she’s not much of a team leader and she never sticks to her word. She has also bought snacks for the team that she keeps locked away so no one can get to them, not even our team coach, and she gives them to us after they’ve already expired. It’s such a waste. One other thing that makes me hate my job is that all the employees are ranked against each other in stats every month. The top 5% of employees in the whole department win what is called leaderboard. If you win leaderboard, you get a free lunch, an extra 2 hours of pto, and a pay bonus. It is supposed to be motivation for employees to try to do good, which makes sense. But what is unfair is that every team leader and team coach wins by default just because of their position. They put all of us against each other to try to win but the people who do nothing automatically get it? Just this last month, only two employees from my department made leaderboard and there are 6 team leaders and team coaches who also made leaderboard. In my opinion, those team leaders and team coaches should be replaced by actual hard working employees who try to gain those spots. It’s ridiculous. Not to mention, we essentially get graded on our work. One little mistake puts you at the bottom of the stats. You could be doing more work than everyone else in the department but if you mess up just once, you lose your shot at getting leaderboard. Lots of use complain about it, a few have quit, and a few others are talking about getting new jobs elsewhere because of how stupidly annoying all of this is. Rant over.

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