Imbeciles and Fuktards run the world

Imbeciles and Fuktards run the world

I have been an administrative assistant for many years now, and since the age of the “Millennials”, the entire workforce has gone to hell. Worse than hell, if there is such a place! I’ve worked for different corporate offices, from various sects of industry. You might can say “I’ve seen and heard it all”.

Companies who hire CEO’s who have nothing more than screwing over the company to fill their pockets with as much money as possible, and not giving a damn who they kill, maim, or destroy in the process, including the company itself. Most of them have absolutely NO business sense of any kind, it’s just all about how to fuck over employees, customers, and shovel as much money into their pockets as they can get before bankrupting the company or getting as far as they can go with it and then get employed at another company and do the same to them.

And these moronic CEO’s hire useless turds that have absolutely no clue how to manage or run a company, much less their own lives. And the shit just rolls down hill from there. Imbeciles and fuktards hiring imbeciles and fuktards.

And when you get down to the bottom of the “ladder”, you have the grunts who actually run the company……..those few, rare employees who have to not only do THEIR job but ALL THE JOBS OF THE FUKTARDS AT THE BOTTOM as well! And do we get PAID for doing THEIR jobs? HELL NO!! We get used, abused, and lied to, while the lazy fuktards who are constantly on break or at lunch get all the raises, promotions, and benefits!

Not only do these dimwits not have a clue how to hire the proper management, the management they do hire is management in name alone. They have NO CLUE how to manage anything but signing their name on a piece of paper…and most of them can’t even do THAT!

Then these managers hire the most inappropriate, useless, brain dead zombies they can find. They have NO CLUE what they are doing, how to do it, or how to even think. How they stand upright and walk on their own is beyond me.

Are there any HONEST, ETHICAL, PROFESSIONALLY MANAGED companies left out there? To my knowledge, I haven’t found any since the age of the “Millennials” have taken over and corrupted everything they have touched.