Life Sucks Too

Life Sucks Too

Maybe work doesn’t suck so much

Ok, not exactly work-related, but I just have to rant about my day. I was looking forward to a nice day off. The day’s schedule consisted of a doctor, emissions testing facility, and dmv visit – yeah, not the most exciting lineup, but nonetheless, it’s a day off and I was happy. Until I forgot the fact that life in general sucks sometimes, too.

Off to the doctor

So I sleep in – so far, so good. Wake my ass up around 10:00, skip the morning routine. I head out to the doctor’s office and there is nothing posted outside the door. I try the door – locked. Call up the receptionist to find that there is no doctor located here…fantastic. Apparently, my insurance company’s website is a little out of date and they have moved to a new location way the fuck across town. Ok – failure #1 for the day. No big deal, I’ll reschedule and move on to the next task.

Emissions testing

THough I drive a fuel-efficient, somewhat modern car, I have to go and get tested along with the other gas-guzzling suvs and piles of shit. I get greeted with a “18 minute average wait” sign. Judging by the line of cars, I know this isn’t going to be 18 minutes. Sure enough, an hour and a half later I manage to get through the line. Once I drop my car off and it comes through the other end of the testing facility, a lady approaches asking for my $35 fee. Ok, I’m used to being raped with the fees of car ownership, so I pay up. She then tells me that all I need to do now is get my “vin verification.” Huh? So I ask “where do I get this vin verification?” and her reply is priceless: “Here, but you’ll have to go through the line again.”

“Is there somewhere else I can do this?”

“No – well maybe, but I can’t guarantee that.”

At this point I drive away in anger. Could someone maybe have mentioned that??? I understand that you’re stuck working at a shit job, but for the love of god, do you have to ruin my day off? I figure maybe it’s not such a big deal and I can get away with it. So it’s on to the DMV.

The DMV doesn’t suck?

The mention of “DMV” usually causes me to cringe. Long lines and screaming babies and all that wonderful shit. Oh, and more fees! Well, surprisingly, this time there was no line. So I walk right on up to the counter, to cashier #8 (amongst 10 other cashiers, all doing nothing), who promptly tells me I need to take a number. I take a number, and my number is called in about 5 seconds. Haha, I love it. After a $150 fee for registration, the dreaded vin verification issue comes up.
I’m sweating now.

“Oh no, I have to go back in that line, don’t I?”

To my surprise, she is able to perform this arduous task of verifying my vin. SHe walks outside, looks at the vin# on my car, and says, “It’s verified.” This costs me $10, which makes me wonder why I’m not in the vin verification career field (as they make $10 per 5 seconds of work). But hey, I can’t complain, she got the job done.

Lesson learned: life sucks. Maybe I should just stay at work next time.