Whiny Colleagues Suck

My team is great, but there’s been high turn over on our sister team. I try to be nice and tell them about all the stuff. But there is one person whose voice is whiny and he always asks the same crap over and over again. He’s really annoying.

He’s finally gotten the hint that I don’t like him. I try to avoid coming into the office when he’s there

Someone confirmed today that it’s known I don’t like him. Oh boy.

But its not just me. This past week he asked my colleague something and she was like, “Why are you asking this? It’s a simple task. It was also recorded last time you asked this. Where is the video? Watch that.”

Then someone found the video and sent it to him.

There’s also a colleague on the same team who thinks he can get a promotion just because he has a wee bit more responsibilities. But he really doesn’t have much more than the rest of us. And to be honest, usually he spends his days looking down at his phone.

Also, I’ll send him a guide on how to do a task and still he cannot complete the task correctly. I have to continually check his work.

And yet, management might actually promote him because they don’t actually have to work with him on a day to day basis.