I am not here because I care

I am only working at this crap hole of a job because I am a single parent and this job is 3 miles from my house and kids school…. that is literally it. every day I’m given something to do and then constantly being asked… “is it done? did you do it?” umm okay. either YOU learn how to do it or SHUT THE HELL UP AND LEAVE ME ALONE. I’m DOING IT MORON. If you’d stop bothering me I might have been finished by now. I do not want to hear the owners “new concepts” they’re stupid. he has worked for himself for 30 years and has no idea that we are now out of the 80’s 90’s and 00’s. People have options to leave and no one needs to give a 2 weeks notice.. especially since there are no benefits….. NO BENEFITS. the CFO thinks he’s slick , I mean how else is the CFO going to steal thousands of dollars a month without the owner knowing. How and why this CFO is able to print checks made out to himself is beyond me. I’m just biding my time…… I’m finishing up my degree. this job will look good on my resume… and then when my kid gets older. I’m leaving… with no notice.

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