Feeling used

I got this office job about 4 years ago. Things started out great. I was given the opportunity by the company to become an engineer (wont say what field) which I took with both hands. I worked in the office while studying on block release for 2 and a half years. During the engineering course my workload in the office became crazy, I struggled doing work and study. The atmosphere in the office went from friendly, to extremely toxic. The nightmare ended and I finally got my qualification 6 months ago… but am being forced to stay in the office. I was promised that when I was qualified I would get my own van, tools and a significant pay rise. They keep promising me I will be going out on the road to start my engineer job, but nothing happens. What annoys me is I didn’t do this qualification to stay in the office to do the shit my unambitious colleagues do not want to do. I have no doubt I have a promising career as an engineer, I’m just starting to wonder if it will be with my current company. It’s a shame because it started out great at this place 4 years ago. I’m feeling used and have zero reliable work friends due to the toxic atmosphere.

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