2 of the Worst

I work in a small non profit with two of the worst senior managers I have ever had the misfortune to set eyes on. power hungry, micromanaging bitches both combined with a complete INABILITY TO MAKE DECISIONS. So I have ranting clients and a soaring caseload and SM is footling about on stuff they should bloody delegate to admin and finance. I despair I wake up every morning feeling sick about going into work. Somehow they retain the power (and the budgets) but if a project is not delivered it is my responsibility!?! If you want the power:take the decisions- or delegate them! ARGH! I can’t bear them even talking to me with their baby/shoes/fitness/diet chat. NEVER take a job in non profit- it does not exist to support people- it exists to support top heavy, non professional (in all senses of the word) management. And “flexibility” is a euphemism for “anything I want you to do, and nope don’t expect any training- this is non profit you know” while they haul home their fat salaries and flexible working and I hold their bloody company together.I want to resign- but that would be stupid in a global recession-right????

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