Heart Attack Job

Heart Attack Job

my job sucks and we never have enough
help to run the damm place and teamwork
does not even exzist. working in retail
is a heartattack jon that i have been
doing for 12 years  so far i have not
had one yet. but to be honest there have

been lots of times i would come home
with bad headaches and verry moody.
saturday i was like 15  mins late getting
out cause  the greeter was late getting back
from her lunch and she told me that she was only
taking a 30 min lunch and would be back by
3.45/ and i was suposd to be off at 4.00.  i waited and

waited  finany i called for a supervisor. thank god i got
a hold of one that cared. cause most of them dont give a shit.
the greeter finaly got back at 4.10.
and to top it off i had to listen to some lady bitch cause there was
one cashier on duty while the other one was on  a damm break.
and i was  asking the cashier if she could hold off on break
cause i had to go. she took a break anyhow. will when the greeter

got back finaly i was like im done im going home fuck it.
yep all mgt cares about is just putting money in there
fucking pockets. never enough covarge. also one  friend of mine that
works there they screwd her on her days off. gave her split days
she  had mon- threw friday/  7-4/ but now they gave her split days
off and was asking why. they told her it was good for the company.
what kind of fucked up shit is that.

will some day my day will come/   when i will be able
to quit this suckass fucked up in the ass cant take any more
shit job