Fat Sweaty Betty

Smelly cheese

Okay, first of all I want to say I am thankful to have a job due to the economy. However, since I am still working on my BS degree I am working in a cube part time. Basically it pays some bills and I have over-priced insurance. It’s not easy to work when you feel that you are a number and you feel your job is “So easy even a caveman could do it.” The company that I work for (which shall remain nameless) is a huge money maker. They make everything look nice in most of the areas that the clients see. In the “business office” where I work is so nasty. The floors are dirty, it needs new equipment because it is so outdated, and most of the people there would rather smell funk than some disinfectant.

To make things worse we work with a lady that is called “Fat Sweaty Betty” and she smells like more than poo. Her cube reeks of her smell. Honestly, it smells like something you don’t even want me to type about. Just use your imagination and you will be gagging. Once, I went to the
restroom after she had been in there. Keep in mind that its not a small restroom. Anyway while being in the RR shortly after her, I threw up in the trash can and felt ill all morning.

No one is allowed to say anything to her about her smell. People have been in serious trouble for it before I even became an employee at that company. If anyone else smelled that bad you would think the “higher-up’s” would speak to her about her odor and give her some education on hygiene. I do feel bad for her, but we work with some other bigger people and they don’t have that odor.

Let me get to the part that makes me so angry. People stay sick in that place due to the filth. If we spray perfume or disinfectant we get in trouble due to the fact we work with some people that have “asthma” problems. It’s also funny when they complain about the smokers. But what can the smokers do? I would rather smell smoke that funk and would rather smell disinfectant than raunchy people or smoke.

I just hope one day I will have my own office. I will make sure it has a clean (but not overwhelming) smell. I would also keep it nice and tidy. What else can I do for now but vent.

Good luck to the other people at worksucks.com!

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