Harbinger of Death

Working in New York City is not an easy job to begin with. Try to work in a mom and pop jewelery store. Don’t get me wrong, I like the people I work with. However it is the manager that I just utterly hate. First of all the manager doesn’t no shit on how to work a computer. His only skills is checking his emails and talking on the phone about baseball events. Hello? What does that gotta do with the business of the store? It turns out all these events were in his favor. He is the most laziest manager I’ve known. He doesn’t know how to run a store or the people that work in the store. He had to hire an assistant to do his work. What the hell? He is not a people person. Alway suspicous of everything around him. Ask question to even subtle answer. Make you work like a slave. No motivation or appreciation of the hard work. Everytime when he smiles and looks at you, you’ll know he want something from you. If you go to the store there is a weird aura like someone had died when he is around. The man ain’t right. He is harbinger of death!!

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