I rushed into the office (GASP GASP…NEED AIR), dreading to be late (CHECK TIME)as i cannot face another hearing about “stealing company time” (ROLL EYES)for the third time this month. Needless to say, i’m convinced the company had been “stealing” from me before i even started working at this joint (SUSPICIOS LOOKING PAY CHEQUE). But, that’s beside the point. I clocked in exactly 12 minutes before i’m to resume for duty and the look on my manager’s face was deadly. “How dare she arrive here on time?”, he was thinking… i saw it in his eyes. (THE USUAL “WE’VE GOT HER NOW” WAS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN)

I sat at this forsaken desk on this forsaken floor doing absolutely jack for the last 8 hours.oh, i didn’t do jack… i sat on facebook, updated my myspace page, unlawfully downloaded some tunes off the net, and finished a packet of Dunhill Lights in no time. I’m now braindead, have been since 7 this morning.Since we’re in the field of nature conservation, i thought it wise to point out to aforementioned manager that, “in order to conserve the environment, is it not logical to conserve human kind first”. Not a wise move. I was given an educated piece of information:

Said manager: How on earth can humans conserve the environment?
Me: Well, i just thought that we can’t be sitting here day after day feeling as dead as moss, whe…
Said Manager: OH? Really?
Me: Well, yes. Actually…
Said Manager: Well, i’ll have you know that “humans” (he did the finger thing)do not actually conserve the environment.
Me: Uhm….
Said Manager: Yes uhm. The environment conserves the environment. We are just here to make sure it does its job. And you’ll pull yourself together and watch the environment do its job!
Me: Uhm, ok.

So, this has been a long day watching the freaking environment doing its job. At least i’ve done my bit!