Kings Island Heat

Kings Island Heat

So, it was 95 degrees out before 10am, and I was in for another hellish day working at the amusement part. Normally it wasn’t all that bad, but the supervisor on duty that day was extremely pushy and annoying, and to make things worse, apparently the head of the company that owns the park was touring sometime during the week.

Now, the supervisors have this morning routine, that’s supposed to start with making sure our water coolers are filled, so we don’t, you know, dehydrate and DIE on the job. Well, this particular supervisor decided that our displays were a mess, and wanted to redo each and every one before
getting us water. We asked and asked, but she ignored us.

By noon, we were dizzy and disoriented. Break was a godsend, and we rushed to the employee cafe, and quickly guzzled down as much over priced gatoraid and water as we could. A few were okay after that, most of us just ended up throwing up. Break ends, and we’re back to our game stations. Look at that! The kids that just got in are starting to complain about heat and lack of water. Area manager comes by, and scolds us for not being energetic and perky.

By this point, the girl at the game next to me is throwing up, I can barely stand, and I’m pretty sure the only reason my friend across the way hasn’t passed out is he’s leaning on the wall, which also gets him yelled at. We’re all in terrible shape, and none of us can even find our supervisor. She’s not responding to texts, calls, or pages, and the area manager doesn’t believe us when we tell her we haven’t had water all day.

It’s now quarter till 7, my shift was supposed to end quarter till 6, but my supervisor messed that up, again. By this time, I can’t talk, which gets me bad marks because I’m supposed to be talking on the microphone, and I’ve been told to quit whining about being dehydrated…. I can’t walk, a security guard has to pretty much carry me out of the park.

I take the next day off. I don’t pee for a week, and then I hear that that supervisor is getting a promotion.