Console Operator

Console Operator

Console operator what a shit boring job. Beep Beep another pump needs to be authorized. I stand behind a bloody counter for 6 hours a day doing the same shit different day over & over.

Customers always in a hurry, rude inconsiderate and think you’re stupid just because your a console operator.

People always complaining about the fuel prices when you have no control over it I wish they would just shut up & piss off if you dont want to pay it. Thats life people get used to it kiss my ass if you dont like it we all need to drive cars so just put the fucking fuel in you bozos.

Our safety rules are there to protect you customers, so why do we get abused when we tell you to turn off mobile phones, use the correct fuel cans and dont smoke near pumps you stupid fucking idiots.

I am certainly not dying in an explosion just for a dickhead customer who does the wrong thing, and they call us dumb.

I feel like a check out chick stuck at a cash registar putting up with bullshit. They say the customer is always right, what bullshit let them come & work behind a console and see if they change their opinion.

I will certainly be looking for another job real soon.

Because people money will never make you happy. I believe you need to be happy in what you do because we spend most of our lives working so why not be happy doing it and you will find everthing else you do in life will always be Happy. You cant beat Happiness.