Shitty Retail Job

Shitty Retail Job

I am a recent college graduate still working this shitty retail job.

About a year ago, I was fairly new to my job, so I cared about the store’s guests and wanted to make a good impression on everyone. One day when I first got to work, my boss asked me to assist a blind guest and her irritable/rude/also blind husband in the store with her shopping. The blind woman had a large, grotesque wound on her face which she told me she got from falling off the stairs of the city bus, so she was tugging at my heartstrings when she asked me to take her to get some Mederma to help reduce the scar.

Next, I take her to the feminine care aisle, where I get some pads and wipes for her. We grab several more items and then proceed to check out at the front of the store, where she asks me to stuff her oversized order into her backpack. This involved some tricky Tetris-style packing, so it took a minute. While I was packing up her bag, she said she needed to use the restroom so I followed her in there as I continued to stuff the junk she just bought in her backpack. She is in the stall and I am in the restroom, about to hand her the neatly-packed backpack.

“Oh no!” she says. “I bled through my skirt! Will you take this gift card and buy me a Tide To-Go pen?” Since I figure this is still within the realm of reasonable customer-with-disability service, I do as she says.

Once I retrieved the pen, she asked me to read the directions to her. I read them aloud, and then she asked me to spray it on the spot of menstrual blood on her skirt. Before I knew it I was wiping up her menstrual blood with a paper towel and my bare hands (DEFINITELY against company policy and all good judgment in retrospect, but in my defense I’m not squeamish and I was feeling sympathetic since she was all blind and wounded and whatnot). I washed my hands and followed her out of the restroom, trying to regain my dignity, only to find her asshole husband right outside the bathroom complaining to my boss at full volume about my shitty service / incapability as an employee, calling me “stupid” and “an idiot.”

AAAAND I guess I am a stupid idiot for still working there.